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Banks, businesses and institutions!

Learn more about how you can use our clients' digital identities to grow your existing services, open new business opportunities and make more money.

One digital ID 
boost your online business


Thursday, October 18, 2022 at 9:30 am


Vaclav Mladenka
Digital ID leader

Václav is responsible for developing solutions in the field of client authentication in Monet+ company.


"I will present  you how our digital identity security solution and mobile key as security tool perfectly supports your online business."


Jan Huleja
Project manager

Jan is project manager for the largest Czech banks, which he helps with the integration and use of digital identity.

"I would like to show you how our approach helps banks to open new business channels and increase efficiency in security processes."


He leads projects for large insurance companies, to shares his experience in digitalization products and services.

"I will show you how digital ID can be used by business sectors in the acquisition process of new and management of existing customers."

Patrik Beranek
Project manager

Programme highlights


& Digital ID

How digital technologies change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities? How you can use digital ID for your profit?

Mobile as a key
to Digital ID

Mobile devices and its applications are bringing new ways we communicate, interact with others and do everyday activities including business.

& Digital ID

We will use real data to show how the use of digital identity helps citizens and the government to solve their current needs.

& Digital ID

We will show you our experience and real scenarios with the implementation, benefits and use of digital identity in the largest Czech banks.

& Digital ID

We will show you real examples of the use of digital ID in the largest Czech insurance companies and other commercial sectors.

The webinar will give you space to ask questions to experts specialized in implementing the use of digital identity in digital channels and processes of the government, banks, insurance companies and other business sectors.

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Monet+, the Czech market leader in digital identity and electronic payments transactions. We are focusing on development of software solutions used by banks, technology providers, corporations as well as governments and public sector institutions. For more than 25 years we have been a main partner in the delivery of uncompromising security and usability
In the area of client authentication, digital identity and digital signatures, we develop and implement systems that help our customers to adapt new technologies, regulations requirements, open new business models incl. open partnership with third parties and improve customer journeys in online services.


We secure hundreds of thousands of online transactions every day and our solution for 2FA authentication is relied on by over 5.5 million clients of leading financial institutions , including Česká spořitelna (ERSTE), ČSOB (KBC) and Air Bank (PPF). We protect the billions CZK of the financial assets of our clients and customers. 

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